Why I left Stackoverflow

2 min readFeb 9, 2021
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This is a story about my latest question on Stackoverflow (and probably the last). The question is mostly about implementing a trait in Rust, but I have faced some issues. The question itself doesn’t matter at this point, because based on the comments I’d be able to improve it later on.

How would I answer this question?

There are two links, the first one is the crate I’m using. The second one is part of this crate, specifically a trait which I wanted to implement. I had a crystal clear question about what I wanted to do. So if someone ever used that crate and the hyper crate’s Body struct, the person will know how it is working. If I’d had enough knowledge about how these work and had put an extra 10 minutes into the research then I could answer this question. Otherwise I’d just skip, because I don’t have the qualification to answer it.

What happened instead?

The first comment and downvote arrived after 5 minutes. It looked like a copy&paste comment. This one is the real reason why I have decided to write this post. The comment said that I had to create a Rust Playground example. That would take like 20 mins for me because the problem was pretty hard to represent in an online editor. In the meantime the second downvote arrived without any specific reason. I was already working on the playground example when the second comment arrived with a link as a possible solution. No it is not a solution and it’s really far from the original question. After that someone marked the question with a close flag, so I decided to delete it.

This all happened in 10 minutes.

You might think that “ok man, but your question isn’t good enough”. Probably yes, but it’s still a question. I thoroughly read everything about the topic, I have checked all of the links, all of the code in the related crates and every other Stackoverflow questions. I didn’t find the answer so I wanted to get a little help from the community. Even if it’s not the best question I didn’t get a chance to make it better. I had 10 minutes before I was totally scolded.

At this time I had 2265 reputations. I can tell you that I know how to use Stackoverflow. I review other questions often to help the community. I want to give back and not just wait for answers. All I got was 10 minutes.

Back in the times I got many awesome answers for all of my questions, but at this moment I think Stackoverflow is too negative to be... well Stackoverflow.